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Puntero Table Clock

Dia 73 cm x H 94 cm

Puntero Walnut 73cm

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The Nomon N Pointer Clock is a clock whose design makes it an elegant and stylish decorative piece. In addition to functional. Its main attraction is that it is a dot clock; that is to be placed on a horizontal surface. Ideal for modern and sophisticated environments.

It is made with high-end materials that are highlighted by their fine and elegant lines. This design is integrated into the space so it is visually distinguished. This clock is designed for spaces with modern finishes and bold design, although based on clean, smooth and harmonious lines.

Likewise the clock stands out for the originality of its structure and the spatiality of its hands. The design of the N pointer clock remains within our clockmaker Nomon with a minimalist concept. This is ideal for decorations where straight colors predominate straight and soft lines combined with bright environments.

Your unique design makes it special for desktops, which transforms the space into a focal point of the room. The materials with which the Nomon N Pointer Clock is made are of high durability and beauty.

Chrome Steel integrates perfectly with the walnut wood used in its production.

This wood is worked with excellent mastery by hand making this clock an original and avant-grade piec.

The German UTS mechanism guarantees the accuracy of its operation over the years.

The design materials and delicate finishes of the Nomon N Pointer Clock make it ideal for spaces such as the living room or the office. It is also a reliable clock as well as an appreciable colorful and attractive piece of decoration.

This is a very avant-garde design piece that you can get in our online store. What are you waiting for to convert that space you have in a very special one getting it only with the presence of this designer table clock.

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