At Calligaris, the belief persists that furniture ought to blend functionality with elegance. The conviction endures that innovative design must be meticulously crafted to provide practical solutions and indispensable comfort. Even with a century of industry expertise, Calligaris remains committed to exploring new materials and finishes.

Dining Tables
Dining Chairs
Complementary, Essentials
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2024 Collection


Bonaldo is a way of imagining, creating, living and furnishing. Bonaldo conceives and creates design furniture collections for living spaces which connect places and people, from the dining room to the living room and the sleeping area.

Dining Table & Chairs
Sofas & Armchairs
Accessories & lightings
Beds & NIght Accessories
Bonaldo Update 2023
Bonaldo Update 2024

Cattelan Italia

The collection is ductile and customisable, responding to a variety of aesthetic and spatial needs and surprising in its meticulous attention to detail and high quality manufacture. Transparent or decorated glass, finely shaped wood, fascinating ceramics, lacquered or hand-brushed finishes, soft upholstery and fine leathers make up the wide range of quality design for the living area by Cattelan Italia.

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Dining Table
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Chairs, Stools, Poufs and Chaise Longue
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Sideboards, Bookcases, Shelves, TV Units and Showcases
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Desks, Consoles, Coffee Tables, Mirrors, Rugs and Complements
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Beds, Nightstands and Lamps
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2024 Collection

Calia Italia

Men and machines. Tradition and innovation. Each Calia Italia product is the result of the union of different excellences, inspired by tradition, dedicated to innovation. Calia Italia sofas are characterized by careful and meticulous craftsmanship. Each element can be considered a unique piece, because it is made by human hands and therefore identical to no other.

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Premium Collection
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Modular Collection
Superior Collection
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Milan Fair Collection