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Pil Chair

Width 49 cm
Depth 57cm
Seat Heigth 47 cm
Total Height 84 cm

Available in different seat and frame color.
Estimated delivery time is 12 weeks or earliest possible.

Call (67748031) or visit our main showroom for more information. Alternatively, email us at enquire@xzqt.com.sg to check on stock availability.


In Pil, softness is evident even before you seat on it. Pil draws its inspiration from the object that symbolises softness, namely the cushion: usually interpreted as an accessory, here the cushion plays the starring role, shaped and adapted to create a chair that conveys comfort and relaxation.

The main components of Pil are the backrest cushion and the seat cushion. The latter features a fold in the middle, created to generate an enveloping effect that physically and visually emphasises the feeling of softness. The base consists of metal legs, with the crossbars set at a special angle, to create an original graphic interweaving effect. Available in different versions: Pil, Pil up (higher backrest), Miss Pil (with armrests), Miss Pil up (with a higher backrest and armrests), Pil too (stool).

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