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New Anda Clock

Dia 100 cm x 70 cm

Chrome Box,Polished Steel,Black Lacq. Walnut Hands

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You have probably valued buying an avant-garde wall clock model but have not found enough information to be able to value it. This wall clock is part of the Nomon lacquered wood collection.

It is one of the best models you can get in the market. It has a needle and box hoop made of chromed and stainless steel. Its diameter is 70 centimeters and the height 100 cm. The UTS machinery is made in quartz and it comes from Germany which guarantees the reliability of the machine. It has black red or white finishes.

It is 100% original compact and you can place it in any type of environment be it in the living room a bathroom a kitchen or an apartment room or in an office. It has a minimalist design that is ideal for houses with modern style because you can make excellent contrasts with the colors of the walls and furniture and accessories.

It is a clock that fits very well with the Nordic style since it incorporates artesinal qualities. If you want to combine it with modern furniture the space will stand out quite a lot. It is a design clock that comes with minute and hourly hands. It weighs 3 kilograms and the noise level of the machine is zero so it is quite quiet, it works with a 1.5 volt battery and its of excellent quality, it comes with many creative variations in designs that offer cutting-edge style and modernity in a single device. / p>

Another alternative you can get in the market to decorate the home or office is the Nomon New Anda clock that provides elegance. It is very easy to install and it shows balance. For this reason it is an excellent purchase option and it guarantees a very good relationship between quality / price.

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