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Look Wall Clock



W 140 cm x H 48 cm

Black Fibreglass/Walnut Box & Hands

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Large luxury wall clock that imitates an eye.

An artisan clock with a black fiber hoop with a central case and walnut needles.

The Nomon Look Clock is the ideal complement to a modern and luxurious decoration. This wall clock with 140x48 cm dimensions will make your living room a cozy place to have a good time. Like other Nomon clocks the Nomon Look model is made of walnut.

A durable wood ideal for this type of artifacts. Combine your space with different colors. Red yellow blue green fuchsia white and make this original clock design stand out.

Also if you place it with modern furniture you will have a wonderful environment to rest in. This wall clock has been manufactured thinking of those who like to have good things and quality. The design is unique original and ideal for offices dining rooms rest rooms or entrances.

Choose the size that suits the type of decoration you want to make. You can choose between large or medium sizes for smaller places. Knowing what time it is will make you more productive so remember to place your Nomon Look clock in your work area.

Among the main reasons for buying the Nomon Look clock, we highlight the following: The simplicity and elegance of Nomon clocks are the main reasons to acquire them. They are durable clocks that go well with any decoration. Having an accessory like this is buying a collection piece worthy of appreciation for its originality. The lightweight and standard size of the Nomon Look Clock will not take up much space and with the right background it will attract a lot of attention.

If you are looking for a modern minimalist piece that combines with any type of furniture this is the one.

Buying a Nomon Look clock is acquiring creativity and dynamism. It's having an accessory and a collection that will never go unnoticed.

Nomon's Look will always be there to see you and remind you of the importance of time.

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