Flavour M7140


Flavour M7140


M7140A Ceramic Vase

Width 13 cm
Depth 9.5 cm
Total Height 13 cm

*Available in different color & other version

Estimated delivery time is 12 to 16 weeks or earliest as possible.

Call (67748031) or visit our main showroom for more information. Alternatively, email us at enquire@xzqt.com.sg to check on stock availability.


FLAVOUR is a collection of 3 ceramic vases characterised by rounded shapes and natural colours highlighted by the glossy finish. As if they were embellished stones or lucky talismans, combined with each other or as a single decorative object, the ceramic vases from the FLAVOUR collection complete environments with the simplicity of their elegance.

View all the sizes and colours available and choose those best suited to your style!

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