EVO CS8014-T


EVO CS8014-T


CS8014-T Evo
Small Table Lamp

Width 21 cm
Depth 21 cm
Total Height 27 cm

Metal Matt Sky Blue Lampshade-Diffuser
Metal Matt Sky Blue
*Available in different color

Estimated delivery time is 12 to 16 weeks or earliest as possible.

Call (67748031) or visit our main showroom for more information. Alternatively, email us at enquire@xzqt.com.sg to check on stock availability.


EVO model small table lamp. Metal frame.

EVO is a small lamp for your table or nightstand, created with a single thin sheet of curved metal. Featuring a modern design, the EVO lamp gives off a direct light.

A perfect synthesis between aesthetics and functionality, the round base can also accommodate everyday objects.

Matt-coated with a "soft touch" effect, the EVO table or nightstand lamp is available in various colours. Choose it also as a gift idea.

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