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Elson Extendable Table

Width 150 (200) cm
Depth 120 cm
Total Height 75 cm

The design concept that underpins the Elson table stems from a desire to tap into the sheer elegance of an oval, a fundamental shape in design research, and to balance it with the functional nature of a central base. When viewed from above, its two main parts (the base and the top) form two perfect concentric ovals which come together to create a triumph of geometric harmony. 

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A pristine aesthetic which is both classic and contemporary at the same time, a pared-back design and faultless finishing touches make the Elson table a timeless addition to any room, elevating any setting or furnishing style. An extendable table set on a central base with a completely automatic opening mechanism. The base comes in sheet metal, while the round-section column is detached from the heavy base plate by 3 cm, revealing a customizable inner strip that comes in 4 different colours. When the table needs to be opened, the extension leaf hidden underneath the two halves of the top rotates until it is perfectly lined up. One half of the top just needs to be pushed slightly for it to click into place. To close the table, you need to do the exact opposite.

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