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Daro G Wall Clock


Dia 70 cm x H 108 cm

Polished Brass Box & Ring/Walnut Hands

Estimated delivery time is 12 to 16 weeks or earliest as possible.

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There are details that give life to a space unique details that make a difference or give that touch of personality that you want to reflect so that you and your guests can enjoy them. The Nomon Daro Clock is one of those small elements that give elegance and style to any space since its minimalist design gives the viewer a visual perception of harmony with the other elements found in the space.

It is a needle wall clock as well as indicating the time it helps to decorate and give life to your space either your office or your home. The materials that make up this wall clock are light and pleasant for any demanding taste.

As for its design the Nomon Daro Clock has a diameter 70 centimeters ideal size to inspire pleasant sensations at sight its height is 108 cm the needles of this clock are carefully made with walnut wood the ring is in polished brass and also has a polished brass box that, when viewed as a set, creates a simple style but with a lot of elegance, even for the most demanding clients with sophisticated tastes.

Are you worried about wanting to change your space style and that this clock doesn't adapt to those changes? Don«t worry there is no problem with that, the design and material of the Daro Nomon clock is ideal for any style you can change your space many times and this timeless but elegant clock will always be with you.

Enjoy the style and elegance that this wall clock brings to you. Ideal to decorate your office or the living room of your house regardless of the style that these spaces have the Nomon Daro Clock will fit your tastes as if they had made it thinking of you.

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