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Cris G Wall Clock


Dia 80 cm

Brass, Black/Wanut Hands

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The Nomon Cris G Clock is a wall clock that stands out for its creative and original design. The use of black and gold colors plus the use of wood give it a elegance and style that completely marks the tone of a room.

Its structure is defined by a small circle made of polished brass resulting in a beautiful bright golden color. Unlike many clocks in our line this circle is mini size and is a few centimeters from the box. Thanks to this, a design is created that breaks with the rules and patterns to have a completely different clock. The Cris G clock case is made of the same material mentioned above polished brass. One of the handles is made of walnut wood in dark tones.

It has a perfect pointed shape to indicate time accurately.

The other handle is black fiberglass. On one end it has a wooden tip on the other side it has polished brass. This is shaped like a spear and is completely different from the previous one. The mix of styles, shapes and sizes in this clock make it a charm to look at as it is a design that definitely isn«t boring.

It has a size of 80 cm making it a medium-sized wall clock. The ideal size because it has a balance between not too large or too small. To combine it we believe that the use of classic furniture is very good. As this clock has neutral colors it would practically match any color palette.

The use of more gold is also an option to consider. As its design is rather demure you can add more elements to the space to decorate without being afraid to overload it

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