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Barcelona Clock

Dia 100 cm x W 92 cm

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Materials: Walnut, Chromed Steel and Fiberglass. Finishes: Box: Natural Walnut. Hands: Black Lacquered. Fiberglass Circle: Black. Mechanism: Quartz UTS (Germany).

Nomon's large Barcelona wall clock a design clock with two large rings and needles in natural walnut wood.

The clock with a large minimalist design has a diameter of 90 cm. An easy-to-install on the wall clock.

A clock capable of decorating a lounge, the reception of a hotel or the waiting room of a train station or an airport.

The Nomon Barcelona clock easily takes you back to the 50s with its details in lacquered wood and walnut wood as well as the design in general with its external arches and bars in the center.

All its parts are handmade in Spain and also assembled by hand.

Due to their shades they are a minimalist design that can also be used in baroque decoration combining the details of the past with the characteristics that are expected to be seen in modern wall clocks.

Minimalist or vintage decoration? The truth is that the design has the advantage of being able to be combined with different decorations such as the minimalist vintage modern and baroque style as well as being able to decorate the living room kitchen an office or any space you have in mind. The minimalist decorations are characterized by having furniture that stands out for its simplicity with light and interior tones decorated with few furniture, being minimalist it is expected to have only what is really necessary and not saturate place and this detail is phenomenal for the Barcelona clock from Nomon.

It only consists of parts that are necessary for its assembly and operation, leaving aside pieces of metal as a base or "ornament pieces".

Give your house the feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness. What happens is that there are models of wall clocks that don't go well in wide places or with a lot of light because they reflect it and it's not comfortable to focus your view on them.

This is something that doesn't happen with the Barcelona clock as well as generating delicacy where it is hung and the modern touch that is generally sought for home decorations. Who said that any wall clock is useful?

Take your time to choose a design that really meets your expectations and gives your home what you like best; be it spaciousness elegance simplicity or originality.


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