Air WildWood Table
Air WildWood Table
Air WildWood Table
Air WildWood Table


Air WildWood Table

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Air WildWood Table

Length 250 cm
Width 120 cm
Height 76 cm

Stunningly simple, the Air table looks as though it’s floating mid-air: monolithic tops measuring 8 cm thick float mid-air thanks to invisible, highly resistant tempered-glass legs that guarantee strength and safety. Available in a variety of materials and shapes, Wildwood tops feature a 3D grain of a lightened solid hundred-year-old oak, which is heat-treated to ensure it stands the test of time and is resistant to liquids.

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Essential and surprising, the Air table seems to float in air. Virtually invisible glass legs support the tabletop, which can be round or rectangular and comes in finishes ranging from oak to lacquered glass and handpainted ceramic. The tempered glass used for the legs is six-times stronger than regular glass, guaranteeing optimal robustness and resistance.

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