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Eslabon Dorado Wall Clock


W 30 cm x H 68 cm

Brass Gold/Sahara Noir Marble or Brass Gold/Walnut

Estimated delivery time is 12 to 16 weeks or earliest as possible.

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The Eslabon wall clock came for you and to stay in that wall or space that you so much want to decorate so that that place becomes perfect. With a unique style with a design that seeks to convey warmth elegance and at the same time a colonial touch, all that at the same time? Yes, the design of this clock plays a bit with its shape offering you versatility when decorating your home.

Its design is innovative and old at the same time it is a design clock hanging on the wall with a beautiful and delicate walnut/marble finish perfect to highlight on walls preferably of warm or neutral colors and you can also combine it with furniture of a modern Nordic style.This piece is from our wooden collection, the diameter design is 30 centimeters being ideal for any space but preferably for medium or small spaces. It has a height of 68 centimeters its case is made of walnut. / p>

The hands of this clock are delicately made with walnut wood (hour hand) and black fiberglass with walnut tip (minute hand); highlighting both hands on the bottom of the delicate walnut wood and the ring is Brass or black metal you decide depending on your taste and preference. The Nomon Walnut Link Clock can be yours and fill up with warmth life in addition to giving that unique touch in that space of your home or office.

On many occasions such a small detail makes the difference and the style of your home is your reflection. What better detail than our delicate and colonial clock? This clock has a great design that can be part of your home to beautify any decorated living room or room.

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