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Meet the Arketipo furniture of your dreams

These 5 Arketipo pieces will beautify any home When decorating a space, your choice of furniture influences the mood and energy of the living space. Arketipo, a family-owned Italian furniture company in the north of Italy is known for working with multiple award-winning designers and artists to produce high level Italian designer furniture that reflects the Tuscan textile manufacturing ethos. Among the iconic piece are the Auto-Reverse sofa, the Jupiter armchair and the Avalon table. So if you are in the market for some new furniture – be it a centerpiece or adding an accent to a corner space – these five pieces from Arketipo will set you home apart from the others.  Did You Know?: Arketipo approaches feathers and...

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How to maintain leather sofas in Singapore

  Buying and maintaining a leather couch in Singapore doesn’t have to be daunting. Here’s what you need to know! Imagine sinking into the plushiest, cosiest couch in your snazzy new condo to watch your favourite Netflix series. What does that couch look and feel like in your prized apartment? If you’ve always been impartial to fabric sofas more than you do leather ones, it’s time you try something a little different. Here’s why: #1: Leather breathes and ventilates better. Have you ever found yourself hot and uncomfortable on a “leather” sofa? You may not be sitting on a genuine leather set! What you were sitting on was probably a synthetic leather set. Leather is just like skin, it’s breathable.</p>...

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How to choose the right dining table top for your home

Whether it’s a resale flat, a spiffy new condo or your much-awaited BTO, choosing the right dining table is just as important as the rest of the furniture and fixings around your house. Not only is it a place to eat, it’s also functions as the centre spot for family gatherings, newspaper sprawl, and homework sessions. It can be the centrepiece of a room where friends and loved ones hang out, talking and enjoy each other’s company. There are numerous things to consider when you’re thinking of a dining table. At XZQT, we carry a wide selection especially for you, so now all you have to do is weigh out your options.   Shape Do you prefer rectangular, square, or...

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