What You Need To Know To Pick The Right Bar Stool

From the height to the arm design and material finish, here’s a cheat sheet to picking the perfect bar stool for your home or business

The humble bar stool is no longer just a pub essential. These days, with the growing popularity of kitchen islands and breakfast nooks, most dining set-ups feature a couple of bar or island-height stools. Similar to shopping for dining chairs or armchairs, there are specific details to consider beforehand: how comfortably do you want to sit, will armrests be needed, does it swivel or is it fixed, and most importantly, what height should you consider? Before you scoop up a set, we break down some options so you can pick the best seat for your house.

Pick The Right Height

The worst bar stools are the ones not properly sized for your countertop. Bar height stools generally measure around 28-32” (71cm-81cm) to fit tables with a height of 40-42” (101.5cm-106.6cm). Counter stools are shorter with a seat height of 24-27” (61cm-68.5cm) to fit tables that are anywhere from 35-39” (90cm-99cm) high.


Plumage by Bonaldo
Available as both a bar and island height, this polypropylene seat can be ordered in white, red, dove-gray, anthracite and yellow.

Victor X by Cattelan Italia
Adjustable in height thanks to its four-spoke base, this swivel stool comes in polished aluminum and a footrest and gas piston in chromed steel.

Choose A Durable Material

Depending on the design of your space you’ll want to choose a finish that matches the overall look while picking extra durable materials like metal or wood so these bar seats are both functional but also aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Upholstered: Extra style and comfort
  • Leather: Attractive and easy to keep clean
  • Wood: Durable and handsome
  • Metal: For a classic or contemporary look  


Lamina Too by Bonaldo

Designed by Mauro Lipparini, this leather and steel design marries a sturdy structure with sophisticated upholstery in emery leather.

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Wanda by Cattelan Italia

A modern stool with an elegant rounded shape and fine stitching, this design by Paolo Cattelan is perfectly at home at a cocktail bar or fine dining space.

Do You Need to Adjust The Height

 It’s likely that your table or breakfast counter will be higher/lower than conventional measurements so having an adjustable design allows more flexibility to sit comfortably at either a table or a bar

Hoppy by Bonaldo

This revolving stool is height-adjustable (57-82cm) thanks to a gas piston. It comes with a chromed steel frame and a satin steel base.

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Axel X by Cattelan Italia

A modern stool for kitchen islands designed by Archirivolto, this padded ergonomic seat has an adjustable height, footrest and backrest.

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Will You Need Armrests or Footrests?

If comfort is a top priority, then bar stools with armrests and footrests are a good choice as they offer  support. However keep in mind the position/height of the arms for a proper, ergonomic fit under the table or counter. If you’re looking for a more streamlined look, choose a backless or armless design.

Tab by Bonaldo

Perfect for open kitchen/cafe designs, this elegant stool with a footrest makes sitting in it for an extended period of time a pleasure.

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Oleandro by Calligaris

With an elegant back and curved arm rests, the Oleandro with its wooden base and padded seat is both comfortable and stylish but not overly casual.

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Does It Swivel

Having a swivel function conveniently allows guests to get up quickly without having to lift the bar stool. However it can be an issue for the elderly or young kids.

Bonnie by Bonaldo

A stool that swivels and is height-adjustable, this versatile piece is available in five colours: white, red, anthracite gray, saffron yellow and dove-gray.

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Mida Too by Bonaldo

Think of this like an armchair but in a fixed stool form. It adds a touch of style to any space with its backrest and generous, enveloping shape and metal base.

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