Meet the Arketipo furniture of your dreams

These 5 Arketipo pieces will beautify any home

When decorating a space, your choice of furniture influences the mood and energy of the living space. Arketipo, a family-owned Italian furniture company in the north of Italy is known for working with multiple award-winning designers and artists to produce high level Italian designer furniture that reflects the Tuscan textile manufacturing ethos. Among the iconic piece are the Auto-Reverse sofa, the Jupiter armchair and the Avalon table. So if you are in the market for some new furniture – be it a centerpiece or adding an accent to a corner space – these five pieces from Arketipo will set you home apart from the others. 

Did You Know?: Arketipo approaches feathers and downs like an apothecary, sorting them into wooden boxes each containing a special collection to make their uniquely comfortable cushions. 


Settle into the Jupiter by Mauro Lipparini and decompress from a busy day with a dram of whisky in hand. A piece inspired by space age design, it’s finely crafted with a metal arch structure supporting a fiberglass shell and made utterly comfortably with overstuffed feather-filled blocks.‎ 




Feel free to lounge at home however you like on this versatile sofa with innovative four-way zip detail. Play with form and style, combining leather on one side, and fabric on the other with different coloured hinges to suit your mood. 

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Good design is at the heart of this striking dining table that’s rich in details like an offset metal ring available in bronze, titanium, or with a painted finish. A rich design that reflects superb handcrafted quality, it will be the pride of any home.  


Did You Know?: Part of Arketipo’s attention to detail sees them colour coding their foam to distinguish its  density allowing them to adapt to the client’s needs and taste. 


Commune around this non-typical dining table inspired by Roxy Music’s last album Avalon. Topped with a subtle ripple glass disc surface on a contoured iron base and ergonomically designed with ample leg room, this distinctive design is one you won’t easily forget. 

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Moon Invaders

Park your wine glass on this decorative power player. The Moon Invaders is far from an easily-dismissed side piece. Functional and aesthetically pleasing with a marble top and supple vegetable-treated leather edge, its slender metal feet, and low profile is an additional bonus. 

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