How To Design An Insta-Worthy Home Gym

 A well-designed home gym is a place you’ll want to spend time in, and do more than just exercise.

Can a home gym be a place of joy, a spot to feel inspired in, while you burn off calories and strengthen your body and mind? It boils down to picking the right equipment and approaching your workout space with an eye for design and functionality. XZQT and Italian exercise brand Technogym hope to inspire design-savvy homeowners to reimagine their living space with stylish exercise equipment that doesn’t compromise on space, style, or function. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you set up your home gym.

1. Choose compact machines with high design marks

Cardiovascular machines have a long life space so when planning to purchase one, splurge on a model that looks pleasing to the eye. The Technogym Elliptical is a compact cross-trainer that offers a low-impact full-body workout. Easy on the joints and an exercise you do while watching your favourite show, it conveniently folds away to just 0.5 sqm and occupies as little as 1 sqm when in use, making it perfect for any home gym set-up. 

2. Find good-looking equipment with a compact footprint 

A home gym space doesn’t have to look clunky if you shop around for the right purchase. The Technogym Bench is a multifunctional bench that comes with hexagon dumbbells, resistance bands, weighted knuckles and a training mat, all of which smartly packs away for easy, aesthetically-pleasing storage.

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3. Select items that do double duty

Cutting down on the number of items in your home set-up is a great way to maximise your living space. The Wellness Ball Active Sitting doubles up as a stylish office chair and as a bonus, turns your sedentary day-to-day into an all-day active exercise session as it works a series of subtle micro-movements for improved overall core and spine health.

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4. Look for handsome interactive high-tech options

Investing in the Technogym MyRun brings the personal trainer into your home. This compact treadmill not only fits into most living spaces but with training sessions accessible via a tablet, it’s like having a private trainer on-call.

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