5 Designer Beds That Exude Italian Flair

Bed down better with XZQT’s collection of Italian designer beds that offer the promise of a peaceful, luxurious slumber sleep night after night.

26 years… That’s the average amount of time a person spends of their life sleeping. Hence, investing in a beautiful, well-designed bed that not only sets the scene for a night of restful sleep but reflects your personality directly improves the quality of your life in numerous ways. To transform your bedroom into an alluring, peaceful sanctuary, have a look at these distinctive bed models from Italian furniture brands Bonaldo and Cattelan that’ll ensure you bed down better!

XZQT Tips #1: Ideally, try to keep at least 60-90cm around your bed, on the sides and end, to allow more freedom of movement. Don’t forget that your bed frame and headboard will add a few inches to the overall size of the bed. 

Simple & Sophisticated: Cuff Beds by Bonaldo

This stylish platform bed is available in a double or single and comes with clever custom-crafted elements like leather inserts and frog fastenings that convey a polished, understated elegance to your sanctuary.

Cozy & Intimate: Basket Plus Open by Bonaldo


With soft enveloping lines and a padded, curved headboard, you’ll nestle in easily for a night of uninterrupted slumber in Bonaldo’s iconic Basket Plus Open Bed by Mauro Lipparini. We especially love that it opens up to give easy access to your favourite set of bedding and overstuffed pillows.

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Sleek & Chic: Nelson Bed by Cattelan Italia

Your choice of bed reflects your design aesthetic. The Nelson Bed by Andrea Lucatello, suits the buyer with a preference for clean lines and pure geometric volumes. With clever hidden front legs, the bed looks as if it is floating in mid-air, as if you’re sleeping on soft, fluffy clouds.

XZQT Tips #2: The key to a clean, uncluttered home is clever storage space. To maximise the use of your living space, consider a bed with a base that offers an additional storage area so you can tuck away bulking bedding and towels for easy reach.

Soft & Inviting: Youniverse Bed by Bonaldo

With no sharp corners for a maximum enveloping effect, the well-padded Youniverse Bed puts your sleep quality at its center. If you've been thinking about giving your bedroom an upgrade, this bed frame will elevate any space

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Distinctive & Stylish: Saddle Bed by Bonaldo

With a folded-over frame and headboard style that blends with just about any decor, the quilted Saddle Bed with high luxe leather inserts is a frame-in wood bed that promises a restorative sleep night after night.

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