5 Reasons Why Round Dining Tables Are Popular Now

Dining rooms are where families connect and celebrate life's biggest moments. A base in every home from which memories are made, bonds are forged, and love renewed. In recent years, round dining tables have grown in popularity as homeowners seek to set up their homes to be a sanctuary, one where connection and conversation are a priority. Today we round up some of the benefits of a round dining table.

#1 Everyone Gets To Sit At The Head Of the Table

A round dining table means no one person gets to be at the head of the table. A more democratic way to enjoy a meal together, it allows for conversations to flow better and no one has to ask for jokes to be repeated. 

Oracle Table by Arketipo

The perfect marriage of form and function, the Oracle by Arketipo boasts a striking table base of three concentrically stacked metal spheres. And thanks to its innovative rotating tray, everyone gets their fair share of food. 

#2 They're Space Savers

A round dining table provides better use of space in cosier living spaces. There’s less bumping or crowding when trying to sit down and if you choose a table with a pedestal base over one with legs around the perimeter, this means additional legroom for all.  

Icaro Round by Calligaris

This striking contemporary table veneered on all four sides with the edges finished in solid wood with an elegant ceramic top and a Lazy Susan is proof that space saving furniture can be stylish and functional.

#3 They Bring A Softer Look To Your Space

With soft rounded edges, a round dining table creates more space for people to walk around and get to their seats, plus it just looks more natural in open-plan settings. 

Skorpio Ker-Wood by Cattelan Italia

The striking Skorpio Ker-Wood round dining table with ultra-thin legs and a perfectly flat base that looks and feels ultra sleek. Plus, it gently pivots around a sleek wood top that has a built-in lazy Susan for convenience.

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#4 There's Many Creative Designs

There’s something about a round shape that encourages designers to think more creatively when it comes to its base or the art and style of the table’s legs. 

Mellow Round by Bonaldo

This statement piece from Bonaldo with a sculptural C-shape base and refined yet edgy tabletop is proof that well-designed furniture is like a piece of art. 

#5 They Look More Contemporary

Square or rectangle-shaped dining tables can look a little dated, or remind you of a more formal setting which may not be the vibe you’re going for at home. Plus, there’s very little room to be creative with a fixed shape. 

Circus by Bonaldo

Designed with a large ball as the base and a round top seemingly balancing on the top, it makes for a gorgeous focal point of any space, and is a timeless piece that can be passed down to loved ones. 

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