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Nahun Hanging Lamp

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This composition of suspended lamps is the detail that can unite the individual elements of a room and transform them into a coordinated design environment.The arcs that intersect in mid-air create geometric sections that are reassuring in their mathematical precision. These overlaps are obtained by placing lamps of different sizes and heights side by side, but the Nahun lamp is perfectly capable of furnishing individually: this modern lamp will further enhance the contrasts between the horizontal tops of tables, coffee tables and sideboards with its vertical lines. An LED light strip is positioned along the entire outer edge of the lamp, diffusing a soft and distributed light. At the ends of the structure there are two minute brass dowels, among the few decorative elements, with a minimalist style that still catches the attention.

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Ceiling lamp with frame in satin iron grey embossed lacquered steel and brass details. Ceiling plate in black chrome (06) steel. Led lights. Optional: remote control and dimmer.

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