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Ice Globe

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The diffusers in self-extringuishable polycarbonate,
with sphere shape, come in 6 dimensions:
D12cm, D20cm, D30cm, D45cm, D57cm and D78cm

The diffusers in self-extringuishing polycarbonate,
with half sphere shape, come in 2 dimensions:
D57cm and D78cm   

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The lunar collection ICEGLOBE consists of spherical lamps that have an irregular surface. The light they provid, by coming through a perforated and uneven surface, creates particularly fascinating visual effects. Bubbles and perforations similar to those of the craters on the surface of the moon are the result of sophisticated technological research. The synthetic resin used, that simulates ice, was in face moulded for the very first time and exclusively for Lumen Center Italia, with the technique of rotational moulding.

The collection ICEGLOBE inlcudes 36 models: 11 floor lamps, 9 table/floor lamps, 10 suspensions and 6wall/ceiling light fixtures. All the table and floor lamps are provided with a dimmer.

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