MIES CS3398-0071
MIES CS3398-0071
MIES CS3398-0071
MIES CS3398-0071


MIES CS3398-0071

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CS3398-0071 Mies Sofa

W262 cm x D 120 x H 80

Estimated delivery time is 12 weeks or earliest possible.

Call (67748031) or visit our main showroom for more information. Alternatively, email us at enquire@xzqt.com.sg to check on stock availability.


Contemporary stylishness and supreme comfort, this fixed or modular MIES sofa has deep inviting seat cushions that beckon you to sink in and relax.
The main feature of this sofa is the possibility of customising both the optional round headrests with metal buckles or the back cushions with any fabric from the collection. Infinitely comfortable.

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