Studio Italia



Buonanotte Lamp

Height 38 cm
Base Width 26 cm
Side View Width 11 cm
Top Dia 15 cm

TA White incl Lamp

Estimated delivery time is 12 to 16 weeks or earliest as possible.

Call (67748031) or visit our main showroom for more information. Alternatively, email us at enquire@xzqt.com.sg to check on stock availability.


The Buonanotte style Means “good night” in Italian. It has a metal frame fixture that is equipped with a sensor, which turns the light on when the book is taken off the lamp, and turns the light off when the book is rested back on the frame. A switch is installed below the metal frame and is activated through a hole in the frame, and the flip of this switch automatically turns the light on or off with the touch of a finger or book.

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