Over Eighty Years of Italian Passion for Design

Transforming ideas into designs and making items that can successfully interpret the requirements of the contemporary world, generating excitement at first sight.   That's Bonaldo philosophy in product design.  
Designed by the best designers, they are then made by our team of experts.  A production process that has been perfected over time, keeping its original values intact: creativity, quality and innovation. Designs of many products have been won acclaimed international awards.

Founded in 1923.  It now distributes its products in 90 countries worldwide.

The union between its artisanal tradition, synonymous with quality, care and Italian style and the industrialization that has made it a leader in the furniture industry.

Cattelan Italia was founded in 1979.  They started to introduce into the market small marble complements and table in different sizes for export markets.  In order to face market needs, the collection improved with the offer of dining tables, chairs, bookcases and other complements.  Good designs, hard work and passion have characterized the human and professional history of Mr. Cattelan, founder of the worldwide leading Companies in the production and distribution of furniture complements.

More and More Home Soft Home

Desiree, a manufacturer of upholstered furniture since 1968.
The philosophy Desiree is mainly aimed to achieve in the field of upholstery, an industrial product with a guaranteed quality and comfort suitable for different uses. The rich collection of upholstered furniture including chairs, sofas, convertible, beds and accessories for both the home and for contract.

LAGO is an innovative brand in the world of Italian design. It has an expanded vision of design as a discipline that produces not just products but also meaning, capable of innovating the entire production chain and proposing new visions and new models for living. More than products, LAGO designs alphabets and invites the customer to use them, creating participatory design, from the bottom up, enriched by energies coming from the end user.

Connubia is the line dedicated to the “essentials” of the Calligaris: tables and chairs, brought to the highest level of depth of range. The name comes from the Latin “conubium” (marriage, bond). It expresses the natural bond between the products and the company and their blending in an original and unique cohesion

The symbol is a circle with three half circles around it, which create an optical illusion.
Three chairs around a table; the immediate and concise representation of the gathering, of the conviviality and of the idea of home.
At the same time it represents the development of the Calligaris symbol in a new subject, its natural extension.

Calia Italia’s history begins with his founder Liborio Vincenzo Calia, a skilled master carpenter who in 1965 started to create and produce sofas in Matera. A sofa was supposed to be, as he loved to say, a piece of furniture where to rest, engage in conversation, dream… This master carpenter used to conceive new models, plan and follow-up all manufacturing stages, teach the job to trainees, take care of customer relations.

Haute Couture of Uphostered Furniture

The history begins in the eighties and tells how the passion for the quality of Florentine textile manufacturing led to the creation of uphostered furniture, combining top quallity with attention to detail and a vibrant and eternal image.  During the last years, its main goal has been brand reinforcement and repositioning in the high end sector of the market.  “Curiosity is in our DNA – affirms Lorenzo Cattelan, creative soul and great lover of beauty – and this leads us to search for new communication forms, new materials and technologies.